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Bye Felipe Shows Online Dating Nastiness

I recall only too well some of the nasty comments I received during my forays in the online dating world — way back when.

Like the guy who said:

Hi, my name is Bob. Write back if you’re not a liar or a thief.

How NOT to make a good first impression!

Well, the pictured quotes that I saw on Bye Felipe this morning surpass any of the rotten comments I ever ready by a long shot.

Here’s one of the screenshots posted to the Instagram site…


Here’s another example of someone who completely fails at online dating…


Those were two of the tamer comments I found on the site.

The Bye Felipe Instagram account was created by Alexandra Tweten who started taking screenshots of the nasty comments men made after she had politely turned them down.

The positive aspect of this, is that it makes it easy to spot the idiots – those who are alone for good reason.

The key is NOT to respond in kind, no matter how tempting, unless you want YOUR comment and picture to show up on Bye Felipe or a similar site.

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