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bTru, New Mobile App, Brings Honesty to Online Dating


LOS ANGELES, Feb 2, 2015/ — Introducing bTru, a revolutionary dating app that offers singles a powerful way to help guard themselves against dishonest daters. bTru gives users the ability to screen people quickly before exchanging numbers or wasting time and money on a date with people who aren’t who they say they are. The app is a testing ground for online relationships, and offers much-needed tools to screen potential dates.

“We’ve talked to thousands of people who have lost faith in online dating because they’ve been burned one too many times. Our app was created to restore confidence in online dating,” said Herb Rim, bTru Founder.

Here’s how it works: Once two people connect through a dating site or other means, bTru is the next stop. Users invite potential dates to continue the conversation on bTru where they can view authentic, current photos, and browse streamlined profile data that reveals relationship status, age and location, along with career, education, and interests. Daters can also text and call through the app, and even run background checks — all while keeping their contact information private.

A bTru profile is an aggregate of a user’s online presence, coupled with real-time photos that are taken through the app camera feature. By linking Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts, online daters can quickly build a profile and selectively share data and photos with prospective dates.

Once a profile is created, bTru’s proprietary algorithm provides a credibility score based on the level of transparency and authenticity of the content. At that point, the user can make the choice of meeting the person — or not.

“We’ve seen the integrity of online dating dissolve because of the sheer volume of lies in cyberspace. Now with bTru, we’re giving honest people the upper hand so they can easily see who people really are from the start,” said Rim.

bTru is FREE to download by visiting or by searching ‘bTru’ in the Apple and Google Play app stores. Premium features are available for a small fee.

About bTru

bTru is a first-of-its-kind dating app that makes it easy to see who people really are. We offer singles a powerful way to help guard themselves against dishonest daters, and quickly create authentic and meaningful connections.

Learn more at and follow us on Twitter @btruapp.


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