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Bad Teeth are a Top-10 ‘Turn-off’

While doing research to find out what really turns off members of the opposite sex, I discovered that in most surveys, women rated an unattractive smile as the second-most unappealing characteristic in a man, beaten only by poor body odour.

In an AOL survey, Sally Gill, a teacher from the UK, said: “I could never, ever fancy a bloke with bad teeth. You see so many blokes with furry, crusty yellow teeth and they usually have bad breath as a result. Eugh, no thanks.”

Other turn-offs included missing the toilet, spitting, fake tan and complicated facial hair. Man boobs, overwhelming aftershave, ear and nose hair and horrible feet also made the top ten list on AOL.

No doubt that ugly yellow teeth and the inherent bad breath are likewise a turn-off for men as well!

Can’t afford cosmetic dentistry?

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  1. I believe it. My sister could tell you first hand this is true. As soon as she got her teeth fixed, she became a dating queen.

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