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Astrology And Love Advice for Women: How To Know If He’s All Right Or All WrongAstrology, Carol Allen, Compatibility

Tip: The most important thing in any relationship is how you FEEL with that person.

But there’s just one little problem – your feelings constantly CHANGE, and may be LYING to you…

They can also BIND you to someone you FEEL you’re supposed to be with but who only leaves you feeling bad, or keep you from feeling connected to the man who would treat you well.

So, what’s a girl to do?

Check out the stars, of course!

To learn about an amazing compatibility report that’s based on an astonishing technique that’s almost as old as the stars themselves to see if a relationship can make you feel good without costing you your heart and soul, check out my free love and astrology newsletters here:

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Technology is such a great thing.

If it weren’t for technology, we’d have no way to communicate like this…

Okay, if you lived within a few miles of me, it’s true that I COULD send out smoke signals, or homing pigeons with messages tied to their feet, or magical owls with personal letters to you like in the Harry Potter books and movies, but the likelihood is we’d never connect at all.

Now, years ago I actually sat on my floor in my living room and stapled and stuffed newsletters into envelopes, labeled and stamped them, and lugged them down to the post office. That was a lot of work! And you can bet I didn’t send them out every few days – it was every few months.

When email came along I couldn’t believe how easy it was to stay in touch with people.

In a matter of moments I could contact thousands of people at a time…

It’s crazy, but in the Vedas (some of the ancient spiritual books of India, from which comes the system of astrology I practice and keep writing to you about) it talks about the different cycles of time here on planet earth.

Right now our little ball of dirt is in a tough cycle (you’ve probably noticed) but also a time of magic.

And I gotta tell ya – computers are magical.

(As are televisions, and cars, and airplanes, and washing machines…)

Take for example, these compatibility reports I’ve been blathering about now for months.

When I first decided to offer them as a way for women to check to see how they’d feel in a specific relationship with a specific man, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The idea was for the reports to make it easy for a woman to have the answers she needed without having to contact a professional astrologer like me, while getting that caliber of advice and information.

A good idea – but could it actually work?

Could technology actually replace face or phone time with Yours Truly?

(And would that really be a good thing?)

Well, I’m happy to say that I can be outsourced after all!

Feedback from real live women who’ve tried out The Right Man Report has been really great, and I’m actually very happy that this knowledge can be offered in this magical way…

(So that I can reach more of you for a fraction of your time and moolachki. You know – your cabbage… :))

Just this week I’ve received some great letters about people’s results that have helped me to feel ever more grateful to technology, so here are a couple:

* * * * * * * * * *


What a relief too look at all of this in reality; your report was wonderful. It really was accurate. It’s like a burden is lifted off our shoulders when you realize how discombulated it is the way people have traditionally looked at composites and given the whole relationship over to that… I have been following astrology like that for 17 yrs. and you are right!!

best to you,


Isn’t that crazy? Thanks, Susan!

When Susan says, “looking at composites” she’s talking about a chart created between two charts, that reveals the destiny of that relationship.

This is a Western astrology technique, and I’ve actually found it to be pretty darn accurate.

Astrology is soooooo vast and wonderful and full of endlessly helpful tricks and techniques.

It’s just that Susan, being a longtime student of astrology, GETS IT…

For relationships, there’s NOTHING like the the technique used in The Right Man Report.

For years I used composites, and what’s called “synastry” which is when you overlay two charts on top of each other and look to how the different planets and houses between two people connect to tell you about their relationship – and they work.

But the fifteen steps of The Right Man Report blow that stuff out of the water…

In fact, I’ve had many other astrologers contact me utterly mystified about their own relationships, not understanding why they are the way that they are.

And until I learned how to accurately apply this ancient, often confused wisdom, I didn’t have much new to tell them of value.

It was like being a doctor without being able to run blood tests. I could look in their ears, and listen to their heart, but I couldn’t check their liver fat levels, or their cholesterol, or their triglycerides.

In fact, until there was such a thing as blood tests, doctors had no way to know what was going on with such aspects of a person’s health, and so couldn’t tell their patients what to do, what to avoid, or even what was wrong with them.

It’s like that. The Right Man Report is like doing a blood lab workup for your relationship.

Or a pap smear…

Or a mammogram.

You get where I’m going here.

So, most other astrologers don’t know this technique.

Why do I? Because the best thing in my chart is the 9th house, which gives the best teachers, mentors, and access to THE TRUTH.

Which comes in handy in my particular field of study…

Now, sometimes I get bad feedback on The Right Man Report. Anyone who orders one can keep it and not be charged a dime if they just notify me and say, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

It’s been so nice to discover that very few people actually want their money back.

But I’ve noticed a pattern with those that do – most of their reports that tell them they’re in a difficult relationship.


In other words, they don’t like BAD NEWS.

(And really, who can blame them?)

The hardest thing about my job is delivering bad news, whether it’s the REAL me, or the technical me!

(At least if you’re sitting in my office, I can hand you a Kleenex tissue, and we can go make margaritas in my kitchen after the session…)

But here’s why I got over hating delivering bad news long ago.

It’s actually a HUGE relief to people to discover that whatever isn’t working in their life perhaps isn’t all THEIR FAULT.

And that’s how it works with compatibility.

Sometimes you can’t make a square peg fit into a round hole… (unless, of course, the peg is much smaller than the hole, but I’m getting off point).

And I learned LONG AGO that knowing such things is EVERY BIT as valuable as getting a lot of great news that makes you wanna do the happy dance.

And I’ve actually found that sometimes clients appreciate their bad news…

Take for example this second letter:

Dear Carol,

Thank you for the Vedic reading…it seems to be very accurate… It began with the caveat that we were both antisocial and that it boded ill for Relationship. That all the favorable points, of which there were many [scoring high in Wavelength dept.] would only occasionally emerge in the face of the Moon stresses. The entire profile seemed so right on…

I just don’t want it to be!

I guess I am asking you, are the antisocial Moons insurmountable? What advice would you give me re: this? I am going to recommend your service to others as this has been most eye-opening.



Marsha also gets it. I LOVE working with people who can admit things like this, and want to know the truth.

Yay Marsha!

As for her question as to the weak links in the report being insurmountable – here’s what I think…

I have found after doing this work for seventeen years, and having many clients come to me year after year after year – some for over a decade – that this stuff works.

And there’s not a lot we can do to change our stripes.

That said, I’m also a big believer in the power of LOVE and the possibility for MIRACLES.

My life is full of them!

So, here’s what I tell women every day.


If you feel you MUST do something, then do it.

If you feel a huge connection to a man, but your report says you’ll have huge challenges but you don’t want to give him up – then DON’T.

The reports were not designed to tell you who to marry or break up with.

They are to help you SEE what your dynamics are with another human being with OPEN EYES.

I want them to INFORM your decisions, not make them for you.

I want them to help you to ZOOM OUT and see a relationship from a higher perspective, and be more of a witness to it all, so you can then take the appropriate action.

As for what I’d advise Marsha – my best advice would be to tell her to become a RELATIONSHIP SAVANT.

Relationship savants are rare.

These are incredibly healthy, wise, evolved people who have grown beyond their own wounds and egos, to be able to have a great relationship despite problems and difficulties.

These are the FEW clients that I’ve worked with over the years who have had very hard dynamics in their “Right Man Report” with a man, and they KNEW IT, but they weren’t caught up in the drama of it all.

In fact, they were happy with him anyway, and they, “let love rule.”

How did they do it?

What was their secret?

I don’t know exactly, but ALL of them had fantastic relationship skills.

They inspired me to learn all that I could about how to DO RELATIONSHIPS.

And I learned amazing things…

I learned that as much as fifty percent of all couples who end up divorced would NOT have ended up divorced, if they just took a weekend seminar with one of the top marriage institutes in the world (the Gottman Institute of Seattle, Washington) and learned good relationship skills.

I learned that there are RULES to relationships and that if you follow the rules, relationships tend to work out.

I learned that even bad relationships can become better, good ones can become great, and great ones can become transcendent – if at least ONE person learns how to lead the way to love.

So I put the best of what I learned onto a double CD set called, “Soulmate Secrets – The Essential Relationship Skills Happy Couples Use To Stay Close And Connected.”

Sign up for my free love and astrology Newsletter, and check out your Right Man Report.

And it covers all you need to know to be that rare, special, truly magical thing – a relationship savant!

So Marsha – that’s what I’d do.

And then see how “antisocial” you guys feel.

You owe it to yourself to find out.

Because you deserve to have love be worth it – not necessarily easy – but worth it.


  1. Oh carol…i ordered a report over 3 years ago….yes, i noticed all the red warning signs but focused on the “green is for GO” aspects of the relationship. To make a long story short, your report was RIGHT ON. However, I’m another stubborn woman that tried to change a man… never works girls! If only we could learn to let go. As I told my scorpion (ugh)….you can paint a skunks stripe but you still have a skunk!! Carol, I will always use your report BEFORE getting my heart tied up in knots. Thank you so much for the work you do….really appreciate-cha !!

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