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Astrology And Love Advice for Women: Are You Incompatible – Or Is It Him?

Tip: If you’ve ever been in love with a man who made you so unsure of your relationship that you slowly went out of your mind, odds are the two of you weren’t astrologically compatible.

Amazingly, your astrological compatibility with a man doesn’t just reveal how you’ll get along…

It also shows if you can have easy, smooth progress as a couple, or if no matter what you do you’ll end up feeling insecure and anxious all the time…

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I was talking to a client of mine the other day and he had an amazing story that I thought you’d appreciate…

Being a man (yes, I talk to men, too!), he usually only consults me about business and has never let me look at his girlfriend’s chart despite the fact that the topic of love and relationships is my specialty.

I’ve begged him to get me her birth information, but he’s always been strangely mum on the topic.

That is until the other day.

It seems they’d broken up – again.

Even though, after two years and two big breakups, she’d finally moved in with him.

Only to call the relationship quits a handful of months later.

Now – if he weren’t one of the smartest men I’ve ever met (and most successful), and if she weren’t one of the nicest women (and most beautiful), this story wouldn’t be such a big deal.

I mean, couples break up and get back together, and break up again all the time.


But this was an amazing couple – so playful together, so affectionate, so funny – always laughing and enjoying themselves.

He’d helped her with her business, and she’d helped him to transform his relationships with his family.

They were such great people apart, and seemingly so much better together, that it just didn’t make any sense that they wouldn’t be blissfully happy all the time and figure out how to get both of their needs consistently met.

So what was the deal?

I had to know – so I insisted he get me her details and he did – and there it was…

Their compatibility was just about perfect, as anyone would guess.

Except for one little problem…

They have a connection between their Moon constellations called, “misfortune.”

When two people have this combination, it makes it so that their feeling of closeness and harmony is always “herky- jerky.”

One minute everything is fine and they are happy, and the next it’s as though they’ve stepped on a “love landmine” and the relationship itself blows apart.

When a conflict of any kind arises, instead of being able to address the issue at hand, the couple begins to feel so insecure with one another that the entire relationship itself is called into question.

And this is exactly what he described.

They’d be going along just fine, and then it would be as if they’d hit a snag.

Neither of them would even know who’d said or done what – all they’d know is that they suddenly didn’t feel so fine.

And, despite knowing better, they couldn’t seem to contain themselves and hold onto the good feelings they normally had for one another, or behave lovingly toward each other.

Before they knew it, they’d break up and separate, only to wonder what the hell had happened…

When I explained this crazy, misery inducing dynamic to my client, he said, “I feel like I just went to the doctor with a complaint and he ran some tests and said, ‘Yeah, that’s what’s going on with you all right.'”

Which is so wild because that’s exactly what I say – running the compatibility between you and a man is like running a panel of lab tests on your relationship.

Things might “seem” fine, but upon further inquiry, “weak links” that threaten the very vitality of your relationship, and the very health of your happiness as a couple can be uncovered.

Now, you’d think that a connection called, “misfortune” between two people would cause misfortunes to occur in their lives.

Sometimes it does.

Interestingly, Bill and Hillary Clinton have this connection!

And though it can certainly be said that they’ve been an amazing couple of incredible achievement and longevity – they’ve sure had their share of drama…

If you feel like you’re in a relationship with too much drama, why not find out if your compatibility is to blame?

“The Right Man Report” includes this technique that reveals if you and a man have

“misfortune” together or not, as well as fourteen other connections that can make or break even the best of couplings.

Now, it’s not always a total “deal breaker” if you do – it can be enormously helpful just to know what’s at the root of your romantic roller coaster.

There are other combinations that can be every bit as challenging and difficult – and often couples will have not just one big frustration between them, but several…

And “The Right Man Report” reveals it all – and what to do to make the best of things if you STILL want to stay together.

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And may God and his planets and stars shower you with love!

Carol Allen

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