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10 Cheap Date Ideas

Take a walkAre you feeling the pinch of the economic crunch? Are those expensive dinner dates getting to be more than your budget will allow?

Well, when the cash flow is low you can still get out on a date and have a world of fun. All it takes is a little imagination.

Here are 10 cheap date ideas to get you started.

  1. Take a hike or go for a walk. Winter, summer, spring or fall – the best way to get to know someone is to go for a ‘walk and talk’. At the end of your walk, you can always stop into a local cafe if you’re both interested in talking some more.
  2. Play a game. Break out the Scrabble or a deck of cards and while away an afternoon or evening playing games together. How someone plays a game and how they react to winning or losing is a really good way to get to know them better.
  3. Do a wine tour. If you live in a wine region, consider doing a tour of some local wineries. Most wineries offer free tastings and you might discover a cheap local vintage that you both particularly enjoy.
  4. Take in a free concert in the park. Most cities and large towns host groups in their bandshells on weekends during the summer. Check the newspaper for free concerts playing in your area.
  5. Visit a musem or art gallery. Many museums and art galleries have discounted fees and even free days on occasion. Phone to find out when they are held, then go and soak up some local culture.
  6. Attend a reading. Authors who are promoting their latest book will often travel from city to city giving readings at local bookstores. Dates will be posted in the store or you can phone to find out when they are being held.
  7. Listen to a talk. Health professionals in particular regularly give free talks on their specialty. Call up your regional health center to learn when and where to go.
  8. See a play. Local theater productions in smaller venues often cost as little as $10 per ticket and they’re almost always GREAT!
  9. Have a cook-in. Do you love to cook, or would you like to learn? Get together with your special someone, pick a recipe and get cooking! The joint effort will be fun and much less stressful than if you’re doing it all yourself.
  10. Volunteer. Is there a local charity or sports event taking place near you? Get together with your partner and volunteer to help them out for the day. Not only will you have fun and meet new people, but you’ll feel really good for having made the effort.

Can you come up with some other ideas? Leave your comments below!

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  1. Build A kite and take A walk on the beach.During your walk,see what you can find and build something.You can also take along A metal detector.Find sea shells and make things with them and driftwood.Take A camera too.

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