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Internet Dating Scam: Fake Soldiers

I just came across a post on “A Soldier’s Perspective” discussing a rather disgusting and disturbing trend that has guys posing as soldiers on Internet dating sites. Here’s the quote from CJ’s:

The latest trend involves trolling internet dating sites and convincing women that they are honorable Soldiers who have fallen in love and would do anything to communicate with the object of their affection. But, because they are deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq, they need you to sign up for an expensive telecommunications service like “Military TELEX” in order to make that happen. They profess unending love as their motivator and, unfortunately, many women have fallen for it.

The BIG red flag here is that the guy is asking for money. NEVER fall for that con.

If you come across anyone on a dating site who is asking you for money, regardless of the reason; block them immediately from further contact and then report them to the internet dating service.

You can also check out who is really behind their email address…

AND / or their telephone number…

To read specific details about about one incident, read CJ’s post “The New Military Dating Scam“.

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  1. Has anyone ever heard of Maj Gen Wayne Preston Devoe or Preston Edwards? I am willing to share photos…any information would be appreciated.

  2. I was contacted by sgt walker.denis36 , he said hes from colorado , craig, and hes in afganistan , and he gave me all of his security number and all is suppose personel info after he ask me for money so he could come home to his 2 sons ! His wife past away 3 yrs ago ! Hes really good to make believe and has tons of pics too! He was asking me 2500 $ to come home …. I feel like a fool !! Hes on facebook too !

  3. ArmysgtsgirlfriendisAngela says:

    I was on a dating website for a year, Its and later on a guy joined it because one of his Comrades told him about it so he wanted to become a member… ๐Ÿ™‚
    the next day he looked at my profile and pictures and called me beautiful and of course I blushed when he complimented on me and we started to chat back and forth on there… ๐Ÿ˜‰ then he asked me some basic questions like? Angela are you married, do you have any children and I told him no I’m single and don’t have any children at all! I asked him the same questions? Are you married and do you have any children as well.

  4. All these websites and so on,we are suppose to be very careful because it’s a lot of scambags,con artist,scammers and fraudulents is out there because i ran across of some of them and most of all army fake military mans that claiming to be in the service. I has been there and done that because i smells a rat when i know one & my mother did not raise no dummy or i were not born yesterday either.I truly believes that all military mens,that claims or pretending to be in the services are all just phonies.A person asking for marriage or sex to soon and money a long with it, it is no good because it doesn’t add up right and they don’t make sense
    because i am on to all of them in scamming or trying to prey on their’s victims especially womens the ages 30 to 55 and so on.Also they mostly use deceased photos of innocent peoples.These peoples that claiming to be someone else are convicts,thieves and liars.Mosted of the times,these scammers has a leader and he or she tells them how to make quick cash in lowering mens & womens for their victims especially womens most of all.If you never met that Mr. or Ms. in person or even talk to them on the phone or they wanting to see you on cam but they don’t want you to see them is a big time scammer to.No one is getting zig zag or flip cash from me because i work ed hard from my earnings to.Thank you all for listening to my comments and may god bless and be with us all in the name of jesus amen

  5. Margaret Rodgers says:

    To All: More info on “Albert” using walterlarry42 email. Comes back online using the name TaylorHenry. He, as Taylor, claims a scammer stole his email of walterlarry42. Says his real name is Taylor. Albert asked me for money saying was robbed and is stranded in Lagos. Taylor asks me for the same with same story. This is one person, and scammer. Avoid these names.

  6. Margaret Rodgers says:

    To all: I was recently contacted by a person calling himself Huckson Paci. He used the email First thing he says he is intelligence in Military, but does not give any further info. Just says he is going on leave soon and wants to meet me here in the states. Said he was from New Jersey. Next day asked for my bank name. Says has something he wants to give me before he comes to the states. I said give it to me when you arrive. I can’t give that info to you, and you should know that. Then he says Dad died and left shares in some company. Doesn’t give the company name. Needs to transfer the shares to me as he can’t because he is not in the states. This is all bs….avoid this name if you should come across it and do not do what he was suggesting. He was trying to get my bank name and more if I would have been willing to go farther.

  7. Margaret Rodgers says:

    To Mariette – sounds like a scammer. He doesn’t seem to know how to spell his last name. I think it is Arnold, not adnold.

  8. Margaret Rodgers says:

    To All : Recently contacted by a person who calls himself Huckson Paci. He is using an email of Yesterday he said he was intelligence in the military ( that was red flag #1) but eluded to say exactly where he is. I asked, no answer. Just said was going on leave soon, and wanted to meet me here in the states. Today he asked me for my bank name. I said why? He said he wanted to send me something. I said can’t give you that, and you should know that. Give me your gift when you arrive. He said his Dad died 3yrs ago and had shares in something (does not say what) and he wants me to keep a secret. What secret i asked. Just says I think you are old enough to keep a secret. He then says he wants to transfer these shares to my account. He cannot do it as he is not in the states. All bs..I said I think your trying to get my bank info. Bye. So avoid this name if you should see it, and any situation like he was suggesting.

  9. Margaret Rodgers says:

    To Mariette: Yes he sounds stupid. Probably trying to spell Arnold, not adnold.

  10. mariette says:

    2 days ago I was contacted by a man named Bradley Adnold (Yes: aDnold) same story… widower, wife died in caraccident 3 years ago, 1 son…. bla bla bla.. works in US military in Yep: Afghanistan….. and YES will retire in 2 month! Bad English, asked for .mil… and guess what? I got 2 gmail-addresses! Bye Bye!!! This probably was a scammer who was new to the game…. But okay: he uses the gmailaccount: or

  11. Margaret Rodgers says:

    To Anna Richardson: After reading your post, I feel most likely this is a scammer. They like using Facebook, as it makes them look legit, but they also like to see if they can steal a peek at who your friends are. They want to pick up names to contact. Never put anyone on your facebook you have never met. My first scammer contacted me through facebook also. After a year and a half of studying these scumbags I have learned a lot. Their second move is to get you to another email site like yahoo. Ask yourself, whats wrong with chatting on
    Facebook ? Sounds like he is telling you he is Military ? They are allowed to go on Skype. They contact family all the time this way. He is lying because he cannot show you his scammer face. You were clever in using slang, They are not familiar with it. I had one the other day that did not understand me when I said I received a traffic ticket !! A real red flag !! I bet if you asked for his .Mil email ID he would not give it to you. They all receive one per Sgt Robert McLaughin and can email you from it. He has not asked for anything yet as he is still working you, but he will. They are famous for calling you sweetie and Babe and getting into a romance quite soon. I advise you delete him and block him before he reaches your heart.

  12. Margaret Rodgers says:

    I recently was contacted by a person using the name Albert but with an email id of walterlarry42. On the second chat he asked for $500 claiming he was in Lagos and was robbed of his money and now stranded there. I offered many solutions, but of course, he could not comply with any of them. He became verbally abusive on the third chat. Next he contacted me again using the email id of taylorhenry with some number attached claiming a scammer had stolen the walterlarry id but his real name was taylor henry !! Again stating he needed help . When I refused he simply said “then I will delete you and bye.” Thank Heavens for small favors. I’m posting this in case he contacts anyone else. Absolutely a scammer.

  13. Anna Richardson says:

    Hi i just met this guy,about 2 months ago .He first contacted me on face book .looking for friendship,after few messages,and a few weeks later ,he told me about yahoo messenger and so i signed up.We started chatting casual,after about three weeks chatting he started calling my by an endearing name and i thought that is too soon and told him so .He stated he was a widower with a son .I thought okay “Next i noticed his English the way he worded them was not too clear ,it was then he told me that he came to America at age twelve ,Parents were dead and he was an only child.What began to be strange is ,he started talking about coming back home soon .At first he told me he had one year to go,now its around the corner.I tried trapping him with slang words like when he said he missed chatting with me and i said ditto, he didn’t know what that meant.Last night i asked about skype because i said i wanted to see more that pictures were not as good as seeing the person and he said for security purposes he could not i mentioned that was okay because years ago service men overseas could only write letter ,and he quickly reply with the letter writing thing he did not know because he was coming home soon.Last week i wrote and told him i believed he was a scam and i no longer wanted to have anything to do with him and not to contact me.I went into the site to remove everything i had and he was buzzing me to chat .I went back on again and told him what i thought I then traced where the calls area code was from and it was from cell phone in Ohio.However he said it’s his phone he had before going to Afghanistan.he has never asked for money .I hate that this person could be legit especially a service man.He goes by the name Peter Carlos strange two first name.

  14. Margaret Rodgers says:

    To Michelle: Any time they ask for money, it is a scam. Don’t send money or accept goods, or do anything financial with someone you have never met in real life on the internet. Of course he wanted more. That’s their game. Their job. And once they get money, they don’t quit. You have to delete them and block them. They won’t quit trying , hoping to break you down.

  15. Margaret Rodgers says:

    TO ron b: This name ( haggert or haggard) has been posted on this site before. Known scammer. Go to the old comments on here and search, you should find him. It has been awhile I believe since he was posted.

  16. hello all, im not sure of spelling of last name of my friends mil. man. his name is james haggert or haggerd. went on usa people search and checked out where he has been resideing b4 military life. if anyone has been contacted from this man please let me know details. hopefully another scammer has been exposed.thanks ron

  17. I got taken for $800.00 and he wanted more. I did research and found out all this stuff.. Crazy I was scammed so bad and feel so stupid.

  18. to jennifer,this sounds like so much my friends story. except is james son is in africa.ghana to be exact.emanuel just turned 15 and is staying with james 9the father0 best friend.which hasnt been payed for his sons care for 5yrs. this guy clames to be 6ft and 240lbs and will be retiering in sept.both of james parents were killed in auto back in 89.been in for 25yrs. the lastest is he was coming to my friend 1st then booth go to ghana to get he says he will put his million plus in her account when he arrives in miami. wisely this got declined as shes on soc.ser. and would mess up her standings. he is blond and claimms to be if you could please send me the pics you have and im hopein its the same guy.if so then another scammer will be busted. thanks im at again thanks and please let me know when you were chattin on line ,what was his back ground screen ? ron

  19. I still have not heard anything about a Micheal Reynolds, does anyone know or know of him?

  20. this letter is address to question is as follows, i would like to know what type of screen comes on when chatting with these alledged soldiers. i happen to walk by my dear friends screen and saw something that looked liked it was from military screen. had 2 different colors on same screen ,1 for them and another color for your response and a soldier standing on the other half of screen. which makes it believeable and my friend still beieves he is real and is in denile as this screen sells her mind. so please any one can shed light to me will be grateful. thanks in advance for your reading and response.thanks ron b

  21. MSG Robert McLaughlin says:

    Thanks for the info on another scammer. I see holes in his story but small ones. After MI school he would serve as S2 which is Intelligence. S4 is supply. Different school! Also why is he from Spain and he is American, how does that plot out? His family is in Spain too? They somply do not want you being able to research their claims. And you do not jump from the 1,2,3 and 4 shops so easily. They are very different. His English is lacking in some places. I has earned? I holds a Masters? there are other clues to, just look hard.

  22. Jennifer Arshenovitz says:

    I just want to warn everyone to beware of a man who goes by the name of Jesse Mileno. Jesse claims to have been born in Spain but to now be in the United States Army stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan. His backstory is also that he has a 12 year old son who resides in Spain with his mother and that the child’s mother was killed in a car accident a few years back. This seems to be a common theme too with the scammers, that they have custody of a child and that the other parent is deceased and most of them will admit they were born in another country. Anyways, Jesse will send you photos. He is a very nice looking guy. On top of that, Jesse will send you an email about all the military training he has had and what medals he has gotten. This can be very convincing because the information listed in this email is not something most scammers would know so he sounds very believable.
    The following is what he sent me and there are details you would not expect a scammer to know or have access to:

    I am glad to here from you again I am a native Of Spain. i was commissioned as a second lieutenant of Aviation through the ROTC Program at Central Washington University, where i graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1991. My military education includes: Aviation Officer Basic Course, Rotary-Wing Flight School, Armor Scout Platoon Leader Course, Military Intelligence Officer Advanced Course, and the Army Command and General Staff College. I holds a Master of Science degree in Public Administration from Central Michigan University.

    I served my first tour as an Aeroscout Platoon Leader in the 5th Infantry Division, Ft. Polk, Louisiana. My next assignment was as the Assistant S3, 1-502d ATK AVN Regt, 2AD, Ft. Hood, Texas; followed by S2, 1-4th ATK AVN Regt, 4ID, Ft. Hood. After attending the MI Advanced Course, I served as the S4, 3rd Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regt, Republic of Korea. Upon return from Korea, I served as the S1, 1-3d ATK AVN Regt, 3ID, Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia. I then commanded Alpha Company, 1-3d ATK AVN Regt, 3ID, Hunter Army Airfield. After attending Army Command and General Staff College, i served as the Brigade S3, and later as the Brigade XO, of the 21st Cavalry Brigade, Ft. Hood. In 2005, I was selected to be the Brigade S3, 4th Combat Aviation Brigade, 4ID, Ft. Hood, and served in that position throughout the unitโ€™s deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom 2005-06. My most recent assignment was as the G3 Chief of Current Operations/Aviation, Early Entry Command Post (Airborne), USARAK, Kabul AFGHANISTAN

    My awards include the Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters, Army Commendation Medal with 4 Oak Leaf Clusters, Iraqi Campaign Medal, Korea Defense Service Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal for Hurricane Katrina, two Overseas Service Ribbons, and a Meritorious Unit Citation from Operation Iraqi Freedom. I has earned the Senior Aviator Badge and the Parachutist Badge. I am qualified in the AH-64D Longbow Apache, the AH-64A Apache, the OH-58 Kiowa, and the UH-1 Iroquois โ€œHueyโ€ Helicopter.

    So as you can see it is very detailed and convincing. As a matter of fact, he may actually be military and still be a scammer. I don’t know.
    Fact is Jesse will be very sweet for a few days and will then begin asking for care packages but he doesn’t mean care packages, he means money. When that didn’t work for him, he tried to get me to open a bank account in my name as his wife so that he could deposit his paychecks into it and then have me send money to him. I am sure the checks would have bounced as soon as the money was sent.
    What Jesse didn’t count on in my case is that I am employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and an aware of just about every scam anyboy can try to pull. So he got nowhere with me. As soon as he started pushing this stuff, I told him to go to hell. But I want to warn others because he is very cute and very sweet and factor in all the medals he claims to have and if you have a thing for military guys like I do, you can get suckered in real easily. I have photos of this creep too is anybody wants to see them.

  23. Margaret Rodgers says:


  24. hi everyone
    well i was add a man on facebook add me he seemed ok then alarm bells rung when he said he needed money as he was buidling a church but the person he was working for dint leave money he promised the normal stuff.
    double the money back i blocked him and reported him i just want everyone to aware of this man his name is BARRY STONE PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS MAN

  25. MSG Robert McLaughlin says:

    Avoid anything to do with Nigeria. Always.

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