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Are You Shy?

Do any or all of these statements apply to you?

  • I find it very difficult to talk to new people.
  • I lack confidence with people.
  • I feel very tense and nervous when I try to initiate a conversation
  • I have difficulty talking to other people.
  • I often tense up and forget what I was about to say when trying to talk to someone new.
  • I am especially nervous when talking to someone I would like to date.
  • I often replay entire dialogues in my mind, wishing I had said something different.
  • People see me as very quiet but I do not want to be.

I hear you.

I was perhaps one of the most painfully shy people you could ever know until sometime in my late 20’s… although at 50, I STILL have to deal with feelings of shyness at times.

Having said that, I now regularly speak in public and actually enjoy it!
This is a picture of the audience at a recent speaking engagement.

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Want to know what helped me overcome 90% of those awkward feelings with other people?

Reading and learning and implementing tactics that other people had used successfully.

Here’s one example from acclaimed personal development coach, John Mercer called “How I Destroyed My Shyness And Social Anxiety By Playing Games!

click here to learn more about John’s strategies.

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