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What was your worst first date ever?

What was your worst first date ever?

Choosing my worst first date ever was a toss up between 2 very different types of guys.

First, there was the uber-rich, uber-arrogant guy with whom I went hiking in the Okanagan Valley on a very hot summer’s day. Despite claiming to be an ‘experienced’ local hiker, he neglected to bring his own water supply and ended up drinking nearly all the water I’d brought for my own use.

On top of that, he broke the cardinal rule of hiking — walk only as fast as your slowest hiker walks — and the ‘slow’ person was me. I actually wasn’t that slow, but he was at least a foot taller than I and his strides were therefore that much longer. He’d bound up the hill ahead of me, sit on a rock to wait until I’d caught up and as soon as I did catch up, he was off again, meaning I was accorded no rest. (My own fault, I could have, and should have just taken what rest I needed).

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