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Are You Meant to be Together?

Are you single, lonely and frustrated? Are you looking for a special someone? Want to know who is around the corner?Dating & Confused? Let me help... So begins the introduction to Psychic Mark … [Read more...]

Romantic Love is Addictive

Those who pine over a lost love might have a biological reason for their prolonged yearning. New brain research suggests getting over romantic rejection might be akin to kicking an addiction. The … [Read more...]

Chick Flicks Movies Women Love

{description} … [Read more...]

Taking Inventory

A short list of hobbies, interests and pursuits to aid contemplation about who you are and who you are looking for. Entertainment Music Painting Sculpture and architecture Movies … [Read more...]

Are You Ready for Love?

Have you ever thought 'This is THE one for me' and discovered sometime later you couldn't bear the thought of staying with him or her a moment longer? Has this happened more than once? Do you want to … [Read more...]