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What was your worst first date ever?

What was your worst first date ever? Choosing my worst first date ever was a toss up between 2 very different types of guys. First, there was the uber-rich, uber-arrogant guy with whom I went hiking … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk about First Dates

I spent the afternoon thinking about first dates - good, bad and ugly - and posted the following: My Worst First Date Ever My Best First Date Ever What's Your Perfect First Date? Poll: Would You … [Read more...]

What’s Your Perfect First Date?

What's your idea of the perfect first date? I'll start by sharing my own ideas.... It would start with a long walk in our local area in the afternoon during which we would introduce ourselves and … [Read more...]

My Best First Date Ever

What was your best first date ever? I had to dig deep to figure out what mine was. It turned out to be with someone who shared several of my interests WAY back in the day. He was a geologist and I a … [Read more...]

Would You Have Sex on a First Date?

What do you think? Would you have sex on a first date? Yes No? Maybe? It all depends.... Answer the poll below and let us know [poll id="15"] … [Read more...]