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Dating Advice: First Impressions That Make Men Want More

If you've ever wondered about what draws a man in to connect deeply with a woman early so he can't help but want to see her again (for more than just a fling) then keep reading... I'm about to share … [Read more...]

The Secret Cause Of “Distance” In Relationships

Hey there, I'm about to share a secret with you about men that most women will go their entire love lives never seeing or understanding. Here's why it's critical that you find out about this … [Read more...]

Why Men Withdraw and What To Do About it

Tons of women do this one thing. And it must leave them feeling awful... I wonder if you do it too? I'm talking about women who hide their true feelings from a man and fear sharing their … [Read more...]

Using The “Magic” of Intuition With Men

Have you ever felt "magic" with a man? Like when the connection you and a guy share is so strong that something inside you just tells you've got something real and special. That connection and … [Read more...]

Book Review: Catch Him and Keep Him

Christian Carter, is a leading advisor to women on the subjects of dating, relationships, connection and love. An expert in psychology, communication and behavior, Carter has developed foundational … [Read more...]