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Send Your Love a Letter from Cupid

Put a smile on on your special someone’s face today by sending them a personal letter from Cupid that tells them how you feel. The Letter from Cupid only takes a few minutes to create and they’re lots of fun to do!

Using the Personalized Letter from Cupid Creator, you can create a highly personal message for your loved one just by filling in a few form blanks.

How the Cupid Creator Works

You’ll supply your love’s name, your name, your respective genders, how long you’ve know each other, and a few other details. You can also specify up to 3 acts of kindness and/or friendship the recipient either encouraged or participated in this past year.

Then you can include 4 “Cupid Coupons” which can be redeemable for almost anything you can dream up.

Lastly, you’ll choose a letter style from one of the following 4 categories:

  1. Thinking of You
  2. Can’t Stop Thinking of You
  3. Secret Admirer
  4. Broken Arrow

Sample Letter from Cupid

Here’s a sample letter from Cupid about Bob’s secret admirer.

Dear Bob,

Roses are red, violets are blue, this may sound crazy but someone has their eye on you…

This is Cupid, you know, the one with the bow and quiver full of love darts? I know someone that simply can’t get you out of her mind and I must say I am getting quite trigger happy. I can’t tell you who she is directly but I have been known to throw a bone now and then.

1. You first met about 2.5 years ago.
2. I know she likes how you are smart, fun to be around and such a caring father.
3. When you met, you were walking into the boardroom.

Figured it out yet? If so, you should consider getting to know her a little better. You might be surprised what you find. If you still aren’t sure, look for a few more hints to follow because she is starting to lose her patience dropping hints. I will keep my bow handy!

My best always,

P.S. I have included a few Cupid Coupons each valid for one year. Feel free to use them anytime you wish.

About the Cupid Coupons

Your Cupid Coupons could be:

  • One night out dinner and a movie of your choice.
  • One complete professional-like car cleaning inside and out.
  • One night in including a special home cooked meal and control of the TV remote.
  • One full body message while being fed grapes from the vine.

Use your imagination and come up with some fun ideas that your special someone will love!

You can try the Personalized Letter from Cupid Creator for free. I know you’ll be glad you did! Send your crush a Letter from Cupid courtesy of Imaginary Greetings!