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Rent Romantic Movies from Netflix

Netflix, Inc.Got an itch to watch Sleepless in Seattleicon but don’t want to venture out to the video store? Then use Netflix and save your time and gas.

Netflix offers over 100,000 titles to their 10 million members+ on DVD, from Classics to New Releases to TV episodes and more. They have 100 shipping points nationwide and over 95 percent of their members receive their DVDs in about one-business day.

Better yet, there are over 12,000 choices that you can watch instantly on your PC, Mac or TV via an Internet connected Netflix ready device. This is a bonus to the DVDs you get by mail and is included with your membership for no additional monthly membership fee.

How does Netflix work?

You tell Netflix what movies you want and they deliver DVDs by mail to you. Or, as mentioned above, you can instantly watch movies (some new releases) & TV episodes (including current season) streamed from Netflix to your TV via a Netflix ready device or online on your PC or Mac.

Choose a monthly plan that’s right for you

Netflix has plans that allow you to have anywhere from 1 DVD to 8 DVDs out at-a-time with most plans allowing unlimited DVD exchanges each month. Plus, all plans include the ability to watch instantly on your PC and all unlimited plans include the ability to watch instantly on your TV via a Netflix ready device.

Try Netflix for FREE

Try Netflix free for 2 weeks. If you enjoy Netflix, do nothing and your membership will automatically continue on the plan you have selected for as long as you choose to remain a member.  You can also simply cancel your account before your free trial ends and you won’t be charged.
You can easily cancel anytime, online, 24 hours a day. There are no cancellation fees although there are no refunds for partial months.

Join Netflix now.