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Online Dating: What Stigma?

Stigma… WHAT stigma?

Internet Dating has achieved wild popularity and for good reason. Placing a personal ad is free, requires little effort and quickly yields numerous responses.

During a “first date” or cyber-introduction, there’s no need to wash the chariot, trim the locks, don the finery, or plunk down bags of gold for an impressive feast.

Come simply as you are, right now, and start sharing yourself, mind to mind, heart to heart, and find the soulmate you seek.

There are literally millions of singles seeking partners via the Net. If you are able to travel the planet freely in search of your soulmate, you may choose to conduct a global search. You may also spend MONTHS reading all those ads! Or, you can restrict your search to your hometown and meet someone in person sooner. Do you want to meet a flaxen-haired, 27 year old female of Russian heritage in Vancouver, BC?

Plugin your preferences and start perusing those photos! Too restrictive and you limit your options. Thirty-five year old, Jamaican astronauts in Fiji are difficult to locate, period. Perhaps you’ll find an Olympic bobsled team member there instead.

It doesn’t hurt to look!

Another BIG advantage to Internet Dating is the opportunity to learn much about a person before meeting face-to-face. How do they present themselves in writing? Is he articulate, interesting, charming, knowledgeable and courteous? Does she sound as lovely as she looks? Deep, intimate and lasting friendships may be formed when mind-to-mind, heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul connections are established before meeting in person.

If a man emails you volumes of heartfelt prose and poetry everyday for two or three months, chances are he’s interested in more than a casual affair. He may also be unemployed with too much unproductive time on his hands, or be afraid of making a more concrete connection. Ask questions and trust your intuition. Written exchange also allows you to ‘look before you leap’ into the physical realm and may limit the possibility of proceeding with haste when lust overwhelms rational thought.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Add a photo and/or a voice sample and get noticed! Many members use the ‘photos only’ option to search, and your ad may be overlooked by Mr. or Ms. Right if your picture is not on file. He’ll want to know what you look like, and better that he finds out sooner than later that you truly are as gorgeous as you say. Be proud of who you are and show yourself!

Upload a voice bite. Make them swoon over your dulcet tones, laugh heartily at your grand wit, marvel at your superior intelligence, and start getting responses!

Sounds easy, right? Well, it is!

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