Real online dating site reviews since 1998 Review began online as a BBS (Bulletin Board System) in 1984. Now, more than 20 years later, Matchmaker is the internet’s leading community enabling secure connections between people with similiar interests and/or needs.

50,000 new members join Matchmaker each week.

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Category(ies) Dating and Matchmaking Service
Free Trial Yes
Regions Served All
Relationships and/or Activities Matchmaker has over 80 communities to join by location or interest.Heterosexual
Religious and Age-based sites
Services Offered Who’s On – A compiled list of who is currently available online sortable by user name, gender, time online, geographical distance from one another, and current page being viewed.

Mailbox – Send and recieve private mail to Matchmaker members. Letters last 30 days in the system. Also receive a reciept for every piece of mail received.

Match – This feature allows you to match up with other users based on compatibility between your questionnaire and theirs. If you want to search for people who have a certain interest, or hair color, or like a certain kind of food, try using this featue.

Search – This feature allows you to search for possible matches based on specific criteria defined by you. For instance, lets say you are looking for a heterosexual female, 5’3″ – 5’7″ feet tall, 125 – 135lbs, virgo with brown hair and blue eyes. This feature will locate all possible matches.

Chat – Interactive chat room connecting you with Matchmaker Members worldwid. Includes a private messaging system enabling you to instantly send and receive stealth messages from other matchmaker members. Browse – Using this feature, you are able to scan or browse through matchmaker members by entering the screen name of the person you wish to browse.

Friends List – This feature allows you to save a list of your Matchmaker friends. From this friends list, you can add, remove, view their profile, or send them mail.

Profiles & Photos – Your Matchmaker profile is what other members will see when they browse your screen name. Your profile is compiled during the registration process so it is important that you make sure all the information submitted by you is as accurate as possible.You may also upload photos of yourself to accomodate your profile. Profiles with photos get browsed more often and also get more mail.

Statistics – These include: how many members are online, mail receipts for mail received, how many times your account has been browsed, how many times your account has been browsed since your last visit, how many times your photos have been viewed, and how many times you have visited.

Events – Matchmaker hosts a ton of great events for matchmaker members. Expect anything from romantic dinners or dances, to wild nights on the town. They usually schedule 2 or more events per week that take place at predetermined times and locations within your immediate area.

News – This is where you will be able to find the latest scoop on Anything from site updates to tips and tricks on getting better responses.

Kudos HUGE Database – If you can’t find ’em here, you won’t find ’em anywhere! Matchmaker makes it easier to locate someone in your local area than the other services by inviting you to sign-up for free at one of their geographic or community sites.
Darts None
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