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Is He or She Married?

Is he married?You’re in LOVE. This is the BEST relationship you’ve ever had and you’re thinking that this wonderful person may well indeed be the one for you… forever.

Well, I hate to throw a bucket of cold water on your happiness, but I’ve gotta say, “Not so fast, friend!

Unless you know for sure that your boyfriend or girlfriend has never been married, you must do your due diligence and make sure that he or she isn’t still married.

Fortunately, that’s easy enough to check using the Marriage Records search service below.

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  • People Search – Current address and phone number, previous addresses and household members, neighborhood search, area maps, relatives, and reverse address. Over 85% U.S. coverage, updated monthly.
  • Court Records – Search 17,243 U.S. county courts, district offices, and criminal record retrieval instructions.
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  • Death Records – 82,421,466 records from the Social Security Administration Death Master File. Birth/death dates, last residence, obituaries, and nationwide cemetery listings (1,997,520 records).
  • Marriage / Divorce Filings – Bride and groom names and ages, marriage license information, address histories, family details, divorces, wedding announcements.
  • And more!