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How to Get a Guy to Commit

Ladies... (and gentlemen who know single ladies with this problem)... if you're sick of "Bad Boys," "Players" and guys who just won't commit, you need to go watch this new educational presentation by … [Read more...] Free Communication Weekend

Starting today, February 1st until February 3rd – is’s Free Communication Weekend. THIS is the time to give a try, especially if you are ready to ditch the usual dating … [Read more...]

Free Communication Weekend from

On Friday (10/19/12), Saturday (10/20/12) and Sunday (10/21/12), ALL users will be able to communicate for free. This is the perfect opportunity if you have been wanting to try out an … [Read more...]

Stir Events by

Want to meet singles in a safe and fun environment? Then check out Stir Events by for singles! During Singles Week in September, hosted over 8,000 singles at 79 scheduled events … [Read more...]

How To Date An Older Woman

Age does not matter! These words seem familiar, right. Dating older woman is very common these days. Guys are interested in dating older woman since they believe that they are more experienced and are … [Read more...]

Dating Do’s And Don’ts

We’ve all been on a date before and wondered whether or not you should or should not do or say something. As much as we would like to deny it, there are some unwritten dating ‘rules’ that everyone … [Read more...]