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Would you relocate for love?

surveySome twenty plus years ago I was given the option by my employer to move to the other side of the North American continent to be with ‘my love’, or stay where I was — basking in the warm sunshine of Canada’s western playground.

Visualizing only dark dreary days on a cold, rain-soaked patch of rocky ground (Newfoundland) led me to a resounding ‘no’.

Twenty years later and I now sometimes wonder whether I made the right choice.

Have you ever been faced with such a choice? What would you do if you had to choose?

Answer the poll question below and leave a comment with your thoughts or story.

Would you relocate for love?

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  1. I definitely would and have in fact moved to Thailand after finding a great love. Not only do you expand horizons, but include travel, new food, new climate and some new friends in new adventure. Surprisingly, living high in the mountains, our temperatures average 72F.

  2. samuel kinyua kiuru says:

    Definitely i would relocate from where i am now if the person who i love, loves me back. I am currently having a difficult time with my girlfriend and i feel i am ready to move on. it really doesn’t matter who i end up with as long as the person will be first of all my friend,love me and most importantly respect me. what i am trying to say is that if there are lady’s who feel they have this qualities, i am game.

  3. It’s a lot easier to consider moving cross-country or to another country when you’re in your 20s or early 30s and have no responsibilities other than yourself. Much tougher decision if you’re in you’re over 40 and have elderly parents and/or kids from a previous marriage. It’s still doable… just more factors to weight into the decision.

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