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Valentines Day Poll: Love it or Hate it?

It seems that folks either love Valentine’s Day – going the full 9 yards to load up on candles, roses and wine to impress their special someone – or, they view it with considerable disdain as just another Hallmark Holiday designed to lighten their wallets.

On which side do you fall? Do you love it, hate it or don’t you care?

Voice your opinion in the poll below and let us know!

Valentine's Day: Love it or Hate it?

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  1. Valentine’s Day has been sweet most of my life. Even when I haven’t had that special Someone, I have learned to be thankful for the ones that I love, my parents, my children and my friends. Most of all, I am thankful that God so loved us first! That has made my everyday that much sweeter.

  2. i love valentine day. we must love people of the world every day. love is like a wave of the sea. it touches every bank of the sea love is like a wave of the sea.

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