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  1. Hi Monica . . .
    the most important characteristic in the man you give yourself to . . .
    is that he Loves Jesus Christ.
    What an amazing model Jesus was for us all . . .
    imagine having a man love you in a manner similar to the way Jesus loves us.
    A man who loves you for you .. with integrity, respect, and honor.
    A man you can trust … forever.
    Just wait for the right man . . . it’s worth it!

  2. I just got out of an abusive relationship. I’m only a freshman in college and I think I’ve been through more crap than most people experience in a lifetime in the relationship department. He only physically hit me once but it left me speechless. He abused me emotionally by degrading me, cheating on me, leading me on, using me, manipulating me and being verbally aggressive toward me. His last girlfriend before me got the worst end of it. He used to beat her to a pulp and stalk her and do everything that he did to me. Now, I’m afraid he’s going to do it to his two girlfriends now.. not only is he abusing women, but he is also stealing money from his school, he drinks and drives, he used to transport oxycotton (sp) for money, he is collecting child pornography on his computer, and he cheats on every one of this exams (he goes to a private college. (Clarkson University)). He even begged me to hook him with my 15 year old sister. (he was 21 at the time). I’m so sick of seeing him and other men get away with hurting women. I’m beginning a campaign in this country. I’m spreading this to as many places as I can so that the word can get out. I need your help. Can you help me out? Let’s bring an end to abusive relationships!


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