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What Jewelry Tells Her

Thinking of giving your special someone jewelry but not quite sure what to choose or what your gift will mean? Of course, any time you give a woman a piece of jewelry it means you care, but jewelry can have many deeper meanings as well.

First and foremost, a gift of jewelry can tell her just how well you know her. So, take your time and do your research. Is she religious? Does she only wear gold? Does she wear a lot of necklaces or big hoop earrings? Sneak a peak in her jewelry box. Try to get a feel for her style and what she likes.

As for symbolism . . . the heart, of course, is the ultimate symbol of love. A heart pendant is whimsical and romantic, and there’s no better way to let her know that she’s the one with the key to your heart!

Another gift deep in meaning can be a diamond pendant.

The diamond journey pendant, with its traveling design, represents your journey together–the past, the present, and the future. It’s a dazzling way to tell a woman that you are committed to your relationship and that you look forward to a future together.

Typically it’s best to avoid giving rings too early in a relationship as they are usually a sign of a very serious commitment. If you’re ready to get serious but not ready to pop the question just yet, a promise ring can be a great way to go. Typically more modest than an engagement ring, a promise ring often features a gemstone such as a sapphire or amethyst (or possibly her birthstone). While many view a promise ring as a symbol that you’re “engaged to be engaged,” there’s no requirement that it have this meaning. The two of you can define the ring’s symbolism together . . . whether it’s a promise to always love each other or even a promise to lose weight or quit smoking!

Most dating and relationship experts agree that if a man spends money on a gift of quality jewelry, he is saying something significant to the woman in his life. That being said, it is still the thought that counts. Put some thought into your selection, and a well-chosen piece of jewelry can’t help but strengthen the bond between you . . . she’ll be reminded of you every time she wears her special gift!

Sam Frieder is an Internet writer and jewelry industry expert. He has written extensively for Zoara and other fine jewelry websites, and particularly enjoys helping “creativity challenged” men find just the right gift (or maybe that perfect way to propose!)

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